dijous, 9 de juny de 2011

Comparing Girona And Barcelona airport

The closest airports to Salt are Girona and Barcelona. Do you know them? Have you ever visited them o travelled from or to them?
Yes, I know them but I visited and travelled only from Barcelona airport. I never seen Girona airport.
There're many differences: the Barcelona airport is bigger than Girona airport. In the Barcelona airport there're 80 shops and restaurants in opposite in the Girona airport there're only 5 shops. At the Barcelona airport there're three terminals but at the Girona airport there're only one terminal.At the Barcelona airport we can go by bus, train, taxi or by car and at the Girona airport isn't any train station so we only can go by bus, taxi or car. The Girona airport has a Duty free multi shop, 2 food stuffs shops, a book, food and gifts shop and a Newsagents shop. On Barcelona airport terminal 1 is an attractive space where we can make our purchases, enjoy a large selection of restaurants and cafeterias, comfortably wait in VIP lounges or make use of its Business Centre. We can buy gifts and many many more.

dijous, 2 de juny de 2011


I flew by plane from Girona to London with Ryanair. My flight wasther first of june at 22:05h. The prize of the flight was 59,99 Euros.

I stayed in London three days.

My first day.

I went to the hotel, called . It 150 Euros per night. The hotel is the four stars. It's very nice. I went to visited to tower for BIG-BEN. It's very beautiful. After I visited the restaurant its name is Sketch.

My second day.

We got up early because we were very exciting for visit London. First of all we visited London Bridge.
Really this is the London's eye. It's awesome. At night we went to visit the festival.
 London bridge looks very beautiful. We took lots of photos. At midnight we went back in hotel. We were very happy and tired so we had lunch and we sleeped.
Other days we visited more beautiful  places of London like Westminster Abbey .

After 2 days we went back in Spain. It was a amazing trip and I never can forget this trip . That days were
marvellous and unforgettable days of my life.

dijous, 19 de maig de 2011


Part 1
  1. He went to the information desk.
  2. He went up to the fisrt floor, to the duty-free shop area
  3. He went in the shop and askfor aperson who can helphin
  4. He went to the passport control ans he found soldiers
  5. He went back to the duty-free shop area and tried to fird the jonitor
  6. He foond the jonito. The gave him ininformation and they heard and attack.
  7. They went back to the passport control and found the soldiers deed
  8. They took a walkie-talkie and entered to the ventilation tube.

Part 2
  1. Ha entrat en tub de ventilació, hem anat a la dreta, desprès hem trobat una sala que hi havia uns claus, estetoscopi i una llibreta. 
  2. Seguim i arribem a una sala que hi ha un doctor i una infermera que parlen. 
  3. Seguim recte cap a una altra on hi ha gent que espera. 
  4. Una d’elles és la germana del protagonista. 
  5. La única solució per salvar la germana és desfasar-se de doctor.
  6. Torna a les botigues, canvia el check per diners, comprar una canya de pescar, per pescar els claus. 
  7. Va a la farmàcia i li dona una bata de doctor.
  8. Va a la perfumaria i li dona una mostra gratuïta de perfum.
  9. Torna a l’oficina, obre amb les claus agafa l’estetoscopi i la llibreta.  
  10. Entra a la sala on hi ha la seva germana i la salva.

dijous, 14 d’abril de 2011

Excuse me, how can I get to the chinese restaurant? Please.

- Go straigh on = seguir recte
- Go pass the fist traffic light = Anar passar el primer samàfor
- Turn left = Gira a l'esquerra
- Turn right = Gira a la dreta
- Turn half the roundabout  = on
- Roundabout = Rotonda